About FASTDOT Web Hosting and Cloud Servers

FASTDOT.com.au PTY LTD (ACN 002 454 631) is an Australian based hosting solutions provider and digital agency that provides a variety of personal, business and corporate web solutions to entities of all sizes.

Founded in 2004, FASTDOT connects thousands of Australian businesses to the internet , with our services ranging from shared web hosting to virtual private servers, dedicated servers and Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

With our servers and network based in a Sydney TIER3 Data Center (Equinix/Alexandria), FASTDOT provides a reliable local alternative to your online business needs.

Fastdot is also a proud NSW Government Provider 

Please also find our legal documentation below:

Leading Cloud Infrastructure

Fastdot leverages enterprise-class Cloud Infrastructure to power its service offering, including: AWS Amazon Web Services serves hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 190 countries and is expanding their data center facilities every day. Fastdot leverages Amazon’s high-performance infrastructure to deliver web hosting on a global scale. VMware Fastdot’s VMware Cloud architecture allows us to run a fully integrated cloud solution; incorporating SAN storage, enterprise-grade compute nodes and associated cloud features, such as HA (High Availability), autoscaling and much, much more.

FASTDOT’s Enterprise Cloud Server are excellent choices for:

  1. IaaS Cloud Stack for reselling virtualised environments
  2. Mission critical financial institutions running MetaTrader / Forex Trading Solutions
  3. Implementing mission-critical SAP, Exchange, Sharepoint, Zimbra or MS SQL Database Server
  4. Security with high-grade ISO 27001 qualifications.
  5. Businesses looking to upgrade to a dedicated server, but not looking to spend thousands of dollars on hardware and datacenter hosting costs.
  6. Setting up your own external Exchange or MSSQL database server powered by the resources of a Tier 3 data centre.
  7. Small or large dynamic websites needing to move away from restrictive shared hosting environments.
  8. Web hosting resellers looking to take their business to the next level.
  9. A cost-effective method for delivering dynamically scalable “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS Hosting) and “Software as a Service Hosting” (SaaS Hosting) solutions which can scale up or down with your evolving business needs.
  10. Customers who require Mission-Critical hosting environments with dynamic scalability where 24/7 uptime is absolutely critical to your business needs

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