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With over £78 billion spent online in the UK last year, it’s becoming increasingly evident that businesses need to establish their online presence in the UK by registering a co.uk domain name.

It is said that 4 out of 5 people prefer .co.uk websites when searching online in the UK, which is great for increasing your exposure and search rankings in the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

So, if you’re a UK business or individual, looking to increase your rankings in the search engines and wanting to bolster your online presence in the UK, why not get started by registering a co.uk domain today?

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.co.uk Domain InformationDomain Features
DescriptionCommercialAuto Renewal
Registration Period2 yearsOnline Control Panel
2 Yearly Price$29.95 AUDBasic DNS Management
Instant ActivationAdvanced DNS Management ($15/y) *

Harness the Power of the UK Market with .CO.UK Domain Names

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence in the United Kingdom, the .CO.UK domain extension is the ideal choice. Designed specifically for businesses, organizations, and individuals targeting the UK market, the .CO.UK domain offers numerous advantages that can elevate your brand, enhance your credibility, and expand your reach within this thriving economy.

Why choose a .CO.UK domain? Let’s explore the key benefits and reasons why registering a .CO.UK domain is a strategic move for your online presence:

1. Geographic Relevance: The .CO.UK extension instantly signifies your connection to the United Kingdom. Whether you’re a local business serving customers within the UK or an international company targeting the UK market, a .CO.UK domain demonstrates your commitment to this geographic region. It helps build trust and relevance among UK-based consumers and strengthens your local identity.

2. Establish Trust and Credibility: UK internet users are familiar with the .CO.UK domain, considering it the default choice for local businesses and organizations. By choosing a .CO.UK domain, you tap into this recognition and instantly establish trust and credibility. Visitors to your website will recognize that you are local and that your brand understands their needs and preferences.

3. Improve Search Engine Visibility: Search engines often prioritize country-specific domain extensions for location-specific searches. By opting for a .CO.UK domain, you increase your chances of appearing prominently in search results when users in the UK search for relevant products, services, or information. This can significantly boost your online visibility and attract targeted organic traffic.

4. Localized Targeting: The .CO.UK domain allows you to specifically target the UK market. It helps you tailor your online presence and marketing efforts to resonate with UK-based customers. This localized approach enhances your ability to connect with your target audience, resulting in higher engagement and increased conversion rates.

5. Availability and Brand Protection: The .CO.UK domain has been available for registration for many years, making it a mature and reliable option. While popular domain names may have been registered, there is still a wide range of desirable .CO.UK domains available. Securing a .CO.UK domain allows you to protect your brand, prevent potential competitors from acquiring similar domains, and maintain a consistent online identity.

6. Prestige and Tradition: The .CO.UK extension carries a sense of prestige and tradition. It is associated with established businesses, reputable organizations, and successful ventures within the UK. By choosing a .CO.UK domain, you align your brand with this tradition and project an image of longevity, reliability, and professionalism.

Maximize your potential in the UK market with a .CO.UK domain. Whether you’re a local business, an international brand expanding into the UK, or an individual targeting the UK audience, the .CO.UK domain extension is your gateway to success. Register your .CO.UK domain today and unlock the full potential of the UK market, where countless opportunities await your online presence.

Why it is important to register the right domain name!

Registering the right domain name is crucial for several reasons. Here are some key reasons why it is important to choose and register the right domain name:

1. Branding and Identity: Your domain name is an essential part of your brand identity. It is the online representation of your business, organization, or personal brand. A well-chosen domain name can help establish brand recognition, credibility, and trust among your target audience. It should accurately reflect your brand’s name, values, and purpose.

2. Online Presence: A domain name serves as your unique address on the internet. It enables people to find and access your website easily. Having a memorable and relevant domain name increases the chances of attracting visitors to your site, expanding your online presence, and reaching your target audience effectively.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A well-optimized domain name can contribute to your website’s visibility in search engine results. Including relevant keywords or phrases in your domain name can improve your chances of ranking higher in search engine rankings. This can lead to increased organic traffic and better online visibility for your website.

4. Credibility and Professionalism: A professional and credible domain name gives your business or organization a polished image. It shows that you are serious about your online presence and instills confidence in your potential customers or clients. A domain name that aligns with your industry or niche helps establish your expertise and professionalism.

5. Email Address and Communication: A domain name allows you to create a custom email address (e.g., info@yourdomain.com) that matches your website. This enhances your professional image and helps you build trust with customers or clients when communicating through email.

6. Protecting Your Brand: Registering the right domain name helps protect your brand from being used by others. By securing your domain name, you prevent competitors or malicious individuals from misrepresenting your brand or diverting traffic to their websites.

7. Long-Term Investment: Your domain name is a long-term investment in your online presence. Registering the right domain name early on ensures that you have control over it and prevents others from acquiring it. It also allows you to build and establish your online presence over time, potentially increasing the value and recognition of your domain name.

Considering these factors, it is crucial to invest time and effort in selecting the right domain name that aligns with your brand, targets your audience, and supports your online goals.


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Domain Names General FAQ

You can manage your domain names via the FASTDOT Client Area. Once you have logged in, click on My Domains > Managed Domains.
The FASTDOT name server are:

You can view your domain expiry date within the Client Area. Click on My Domains > Manage Domains. You will see a list of your current domains along with their next due date.
By default we will renew your domain name automatically. Alternatively, you can manually renew your domain name in your Client Area
If your domain name has already expired, just contact us via the helpdesk to renew it. If your domain name is not renewed quickly it may be come available and be registered by another party.
By default, we will renew your domain name automatically. If you wish to manage your domain name renewals manually you can disable automatic renewal by logging in to the Client Area and then:Select “Domains” and then “My Domains” from the top navigation bar. Select the “Manage Domain” button to the right of the domain name you would like to view or modify. Click on the “Auto Renew” tab. Ensure that “Auto Renewal Status” has been set to “Disabled”.Please note: by disabling automatic renewal, you are assuming responsibility to renew your domain name. Failure to renew your domain name before its expiry date will cause it to stop working.
Login to your Client Area using the username and password issued with your Welcome Email you received at sign up.Once logged in, select “Domains” and then “My Domains” from the top navigation bar. Select the “Manage Domain” button to the right of the domain name you would like to view or modify. Click on the “Registrar Lock” tab. Ensure that “Registrar Lock Status” has been set to “Disabled”. If the current status is set to “Enabled” then please click on “Disable Registrar Lock”. Select the “Namesevers” tab, then on the following screen to modify the current nameserver settings. Select the “Change Nameservers” button to confirm your new nameserver settings.
You can manage your domain names public WHOIS contact information by logging into your FASTDOT Client Area:Select “Domains” and then “My Domains”. Click on the “Manage Domain” button for the domain you wish to manage. Click on the “Registrar Lock” tab. Ensure that “Registrar Lock Status” has been set to “Disabled”. If the current status is set to “Enabled” then please click on “Disable Registrar Lock”. On the same screen select “Management Tools” and then “Contact Information”. From here you can update the domain name with pertinent contact details for your website including details for the registrant, admin, tech & billing identities. Select the “Save Changes” button to confirm the new contact details.
.au Domain Administration Ltd (.auDA) is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space. They are responsible for developing and implementing domain name policy, accrediting and licensing domain registrars, implementing consumer safeguards and facilitating the .au Dispute Resolution Policy. Learn more.
WHOIS is a tool used to search the domain registry databases for information about a domain name. This tool can be used to obtain information such as the domain’s expiry date, owner and name server information.
Domain Names are used to establish a unique identity. Organizations and individuals can choose a domain name that corresponds to their name, helping Internet users to reach them easily.An important function of a domain name is to provide easily recognizable and memorizable names to numerically addressed Internet resources.