21 Warnings That Indicate You need to Switch Hosting Right Away

21 Warnings That Indicate You need to Switch Hosting Right Away

While maintaining a website has become easier, thanks to the awesome CMS WordPress, ensuring that said website functions smoothly at all times is equally important and this is where choosing a reliable website hosting provider becomes crucial and sometimes it is necessary to switch hosting.

A website host plays an important role when it comes to website security, speed and download time. It also makes your task of incorporating new technological features seamless. Thus, as one of the major investments in the online face of your business, you need to ensure that the website hosting company that you have chosen is able to provide you with all the features that are required to run a business website successfully.

Time-to-Switch-Your-Web-Hosting-Right-Away-InfoGraphicWhat Are Signs of Low-Quality Website Hosting?

Selecting from the plethora of website hosting companies that are available can be a difficult task, however. Chances are high of committing a mistake, especially if you are a novice with little to no understanding of what to look for in a website hosting provider.

To help you out, here are a few signs that indicate you might have selected a low-quality website hosting provider:

  • Frequent Unplanned Downtime.
  • Lack of an Intuitive cPanel.
  • Lack of Experience Technical Support.
  • Ineffective Security Features.
  • Inadequate Bandwidth.
  • Lack of Essential New Features.
  • No Backup Facility.
  • Exorbitant Renewal Prices.
  • Inadequate Server Maintenance and Monitoring.

If you have come across these signs then you need to switch your website hosting provider post-haste. Failure to do so may hurt your website’s ranking in search results, your visitor traffic, and ultimately your ROI.

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One of the biggest challenges for a web hosting customer is transferring their website to a new hosting provider. It’s one of the most daunting tasks that a website owner can face. This is why FASTDOT offers a free website transfer service for all customers who have an existing account with another cPanel hosting provider and want to switch to us.

The info-graphic below provides you with a complete list of warning signs associated with poor website hosting providers. Take a look at the list to see if you’re currently experiencing any of the warning signs so you know where you stand with your current hosting company.

21 Warnings That Indicate You Need to Switch Hosting Right Away

Whether you’re managing a personal website, an online portfolio, or a business website, your web hosting plays a pivotal role in its success. The right web hosting ensures your website is accessible, loads quickly, and remains secure. However, there are warning signs that your current hosting provider may not be meeting your needs. Here are 21 red flags that suggest you should consider switching your hosting provider:

1. Frequent Downtimes: If your website is often inaccessible due to server downtimes, it’s time to switch.

2. Slow Loading Speeds: Even if your website is optimized, a poor host can cause slow page load times, affecting user experience and SEO.

3. Poor Customer Service: Delayed, unhelpful, or non-existent customer support is a significant red flag.

4. Security Breaches: If your host isn’t taking security seriously, resulting in breaches or malware, reconsider your choice.

5. No SSL Certificate: In today’s digital age, if your hosting provider doesn’t offer or support SSL certificates, it’s a concern.

6. Limited Bandwidth and Storage: Consistently exceeding bandwidth or storage suggests you need a more robust hosting solution.

7. Outdated Software: Hosting platforms that don’t update their software can expose your site to vulnerabilities.

8. Hidden Fees: If you’re continually discovering additional costs not made clear in the initial agreement, it’s a warning.

9. Lack of Scalability: Your hosting should grow with your website. If scaling up is a challenge, consider switching.

10. Poor Back-up Solutions: Reliable hosting providers offer automatic and frequent backups.

11. Lack of Features: If you’re finding your hosting lacks necessary features or integrations, look elsewhere.

12. Negative Reviews: A high volume of unsatisfied customer reviews online is a tell-tale sign of a problematic host.

13. Overloaded Servers: If your host oversells its server space, causing slowdowns or crashes, it’s time to switch.

14. Constant Price Increases: Regular, unexplained price hikes can indicate that the hosting provider is unstable or untrustworthy.

15. No cPanel: If your host lacks a user-friendly control panel or uses a clunky proprietary system, managing your site can be needlessly complex.

16. Regular Email Issues: Problems with sending, receiving, or frequent flagging as spam can indicate server issues.

17. Penalized IP: If your site’s IP is blacklisted because of others on your shared server, this affects email deliverability and search ranking.

18. Inadequate Security Features: The absence of firewalls, malware scanning, and protection against DDoS attacks should be noted.

19. Limited Database Support: If you’re limited in the number of databases you can create or lack support for required database types, it’s a warning.

20. No Staging Environment: The best hosts provide a staging environment to test changes before making them live.

21. Restrictive Terms of Service: Always read the fine print. If a host’s TOS is overly restrictive or they’re quick to suspend accounts without genuine reasons, be wary.


Your hosting provider plays a foundational role in the success of your online presence. If you encounter any of these warning signs, it may be in your best interest to research alternative hosting options and transition to a more reliable, feature-rich, and supportive platform. In the digital realm, your website’s performance, security, and accessibility are paramount, and your hosting provider should align with these priorities.




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