Why FASTDOT Prefers VMware vCloud Servers

Why FASTDOT Prefers VMware vCloud Servers

VMware ESX/ESXi provides production-proven technology from the industry leader in virtualization and offers the widest compatibility & support. ESXi provides a bare-metal, 64-bit hypervisor architecture that runs directly on server hardware without the need for a host operating system, offering near-native virtual machine performance, reliability and scalability.

  • ESXi Server comprehensively virtualization CPU, memory, network and storage resources, making them intelligently available and balanced among numerous virtual machines. ESXi ensures greater hardware utilization with no impact on service levels.
  • ESXi delivers unparalleled performance and scalability, enabling even the most resource intensive production applications to be virtualized.
  • ESXi offers advanced resource management capabilities to improve performance and increase consolidation ratios.
  • Advanced security features in VMware ESXi protect stored data within the virtual environment. Each Virtual Machine is completely isolated, and completely independant from underlying physical hardware for the highest security.
  • ESXi delivers a production-proven dedicated virtualization environment with support for the widest number of operating systems, reducing hardware and energy costs. FASTDOT’s VMware environment furthers our commitment to providing “Green IT” solutions.

Advantages of VMware vCloud Servers vs. Dedicated Server

Features:Dedicated ServerVMware vCloud
Independence from physical hardwareno yes
Independence from underlying OSno yes
Allows full OS Install yesyes
Migration from existing hosting environmentPossibleFast and Efficient
Dedicated Performance yes yes
Server Live MigrationPossible only in a clustered server farmyes
Distributed Resource Schedulingno yes
High Availability (server hot spare)Possible only in a clustered server farmyes
Dedicated Resources (CPU, RAM, HDD)yes yes
Upgrading CPUAdditional Cost/DowntimeInstant
Upgrading RAMAdditional Cost/DowntimeInstant
Upgrading HDDAdditional Cost/DowntimeInstant
Cloning noyes
Server Image SnapshotsPossibleyes

Information1/ Virtual Machines are fully abstracted from underlying Physical Hardware under ESXi2/ Only the true virtualization of VMware ESXi offers complete independence from an underlying Operating System3/ Only Dedicated Hardware or VMware Dedicated Virtualization provides a full Operating System4/ Virtual Machines can be provisioned and modified on demand5/ Guided Consolidation tools can be used to automate the virtualization of existing servers6/ VMware ESXi offers dedicated virtual resources ensuring your VM performance cannot be impacted by other customers7/ VMware ESXi allows Virtual Machines to be moved between hosts with zero downtime8/ VMware bare-metal hypervisor allows complete abstraction from physical hardware, allowing for aggregation of physical resources.9/ High Availability with automatic hardware fail-over is built into the ESXi environment10/ VMware ESXi allows precise and accurate control over resource allocation, ensuring you receive what you pay for as a minimum11/ Upgrading physical infrastructure requires specification of components, order and delivery and installation/configuration.12/ Hardware changes in a virtual environment13/ Cloning a production environment for development purposes is easily delivered using virtualization dedicated hosting14/ Virtual Machine Snapshots are only offered in a VMware based environment


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
All of our Enterprise VMware Cloud Servers can be protected with Veeam Backup & Disaster Recovery , which is an Award Winning Backup Replication and Disaster Recovery solution

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