Free DNS hosting with FASTDOT

Free DNS hosting with FASTDOT

Free DNS hosting with FASTDOT

So you are looking at taking your domain folio to the next step?

Fastdot offers free DNS hosting to customers or resellers with 10 domains or more.

  1. Simply log into the Client Area, Submit a Support Ticket quoting “Free DNS Hosting” with your main Domain Name in the message body
  2. We’ll set you up on your prefered domain, no questions asked. You may set up your entire domain folio to run off one single DNS Hosting account, using the Parked Domain function for every subsequent domain.


DNS hosting refers to a service that allows users to manage their domain name system (DNS) records on a server that is specifically designed to handle DNS queries. DNS is an important part of the internet infrastructure and is responsible for translating human-readable domain names into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate with one another.

DNS hosting providers typically offer a variety of services related to managing DNS records, including:

1. Domain name registration: The process of registering a domain name with a registrar and connecting it to a DNS hosting service.

2. DNS management: The ability to add, modify, and delete DNS records for a domain name, including A, CNAME, MX, TXT, and SRV records.

3. DNS caching: The ability to cache DNS records to reduce the load on DNS servers and speed up DNS lookups.

4. DNS security: The ability to protect DNS records from unauthorized modifications, DNS attacks, and other security threats.

5. DNS analytics: The ability to monitor and analyze DNS traffic to identify potential issues and improve performance.

DNS hosting is essential for anyone who wants to have a website or email address associated with their own domain name. Without a DNS hosting service, it would be impossible for people to access your website or send you email using your domain name.

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