How to Register a Domain Name

I don’t have a website. Can I still register a domain name?

Yes. You don’t have to have an existing web site or be a registered business to register a global Domain Name. You can register a domain name at any time and start your online identity. .au Domains require an ABN, ACN or State BN for registration, however once again, you are welcome to park the domain until you have a website to upload.

Register a business website

Your domain name (website address or url) can be an important marketing tool for your business. Once you’ve chosen the name you want, find out how to register it for your business.

Check if you need to register a domain

You don’t have to register a domain name when starting or growing your business. But you’ll need to register if you want to set up your own website with a unique domain.

If you don’t have your website ready yet, you can still register your domain and use it when you’re ready.

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How to register

You can register your domain name via the Fastdot domain registration page. Before you register, make sure you have:

  • checked your domain name is available
  • an Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Business Number (ABN) if you want a or domain

Check if your domain name is available

To find out if your proposed domain name is available, use our Domain Name check tool. You can also use the tool to check if your business name is available.

Note that a domain name doesn’t give you protection of that name. It simply secures you the url. You should always register your business name first and consider protecting it with a trade mark. If you use a business name or domain name that someone else has already trademarked, you could face legal action.

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