Installing phpBB3

This tutorial will show you the steps for installing phpBB3

phpBB3 is a major upgrade from phpBB2, with hundreds of new features and tweaks.

It is faster, more secure, and includes an easy MOD system to extend its featureset.

Even better, the installation process has got even easier! This tutorial will guide you through the installation process step by step.

First of all, go to

and download the zip file under the [Full Package] heading.

When the download has finished, extract the files to your computer.

Now, open up your FTP client (a good free example is Filezilla) and upload the phpBB3 folder and its contents. to your website directory

IMPORTANT: If you have not created a database yet, you can do this through cPanel by click on the MySQL Databases section and filling in the New Database field.

Then, use the Add New User and Add User to Database to create a new user and attach that user to the database you have created.

Now go to the phpBB3 folder in your browser. You will be presented with a graphical installer:

Now click on the “Install” tab. Click on “Proceed to next step” on the following page. You will then be presented with an “Installation compatibility” page. Again, click on “Proceed to next step”. You will now be presented with the “database settings” page:

Enter the following details into the form:

  • Database type: MySQL
  • Database host: localhost
  • Database server port: leave blank
  • Database name: The name of the database you want to install the forum to
  • Database user: The user attached to the database
  • Database password: The password of the user
  • Prefix for tables: Leave this as it is.

When you have filled out the form, double check that the details are correct and click on “Proceed to next step”.

You should now be presented with a page stating “Connection succesful”. If the connection fails, go back and check the details you put in. If it suceeds, click on “Proceed to next step”. You will now be presented with the “Administrator details” page:

Here, you need to fill out the login details for the administrator account. Make sure that you set a strong password, as the administrator account has full control over your board. Also double check that you enter a valid email address. When you have finished, click “Proceed to the next step”.

You will now be shown a page confirming your administrator details, followed by a page confirming that the configuration file has been written. You will then proceed to a advanced settings page:

It is recommended at this point to not alter these settings unless you really need to, since they can be changed through the administration panel later. When you have finished, click on the proceed button.

You will now be shown a page confirming that database tables have been created and populated. Proceed to the next page. If everything has worked as it should, you will be shown a page confirming that phpBB3 has been installed:

If you are not proceeding on from here to perform a conversion, you now need to delete the /install directory. If you don’t, your new board will refuse to function. After you have deleted the directory, you can login to your new phpBB3 board and start adjusting it to your needs.

Congratulations, your new board is installed and ready to use! Your new board will look like this:

phpBB3 is a widely supported and highly customizable online bulletin board script, perfect for building an online community with your FASTDOT Hosting.

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