WordPress Toolkit for cPanel: WordPress Security Features

WordPress Security : Get a security checklist and see the safety features WordPress recommends for your site. Check the security of all of your WordPress sites with one click.

You can customize security features, choosing to install only critical measures, all recommended measures, or only the safety measures you select. Securing your WordPress website has never been easier.

Some of the advanced features of WordPress Toolkit for cPanel to manage WP sites more efficiently:
* Quickly install plugins and themes from the Plugin Directory without leaving cPanel.
* Set up automatic updates to the WordPress core, plugins, and themes.
* See important information for all of the WordPress sites you manage, including SSL status, security, search engine indexing, and more.
* Log in to client’s websites and see them all from a single dashboard.
* Activate Smart Updates, which uses a staging server to check for plugin incompatibilities or other issues so your live WordPress site never breaks.

What is WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is a cPanel plugin that simplifies the process of managing WordPress websites by providing a unified interface to handle common tasks such as installation, updating, security, and backups. It allows cPanel users to manage multiple WordPress installations and their associated plugins, themes, and users from a single location.

With WordPress Toolkit, users can easily perform tasks such as creating a new WordPress site, cloning an existing site, installing and managing plugins and themes, creating backups and restoring them, and more. It also provides security features such as vulnerability scanning, brute-force protection, and two-factor authentication to enhance the security of WordPress sites.

WordPress Toolkit is available as part of cPanel and is supported on most web hosting platforms that use cPanel. It is a powerful tool for webmasters, developers, and website owners who want to manage their WordPress sites more efficiently and effectively.

* Get started here: https://go.cpanel.net/wordpresstoolkit
* WordPress Toolkit Documentation: https://docs.cpanel.net/knowledge-base/cpanel-developed-plugins/wordpress-toolkit/
* Support Resources: https://support.cpanel.net
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WordPress Toolkit for cPanel: WordPress Security Features
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