Migrate from cPanel Share Hosting to Webmin/Virtualmin Linux Server

Migrate from cPanel to Webmin/Virtualmin

Virtualmin can import the accounts from cPanel by taking the complete cPanel backup file including all mailboxes, databases and contents. This kind of migration process is much faster than others but need a special attention because some of the features of Webmin is not enabled automatically when you migrate the site. The site will work after migration but need to enable special features that only specified by the Webmin with care and testing. To copy or transfer all the services from cPanel to Virtualmin, first of all we need to take the fresh backup of them. We can generate the full cPanel backup by using the following steps:


1) Login to cPanel–> Backup –> Download a Full Account Backup.

Then you can create an ftp account or you can change the permission of backup to download on the server.

cPanel to Webmin-Virtualmin

2) You can now download the generated backup file to your Virtualmin server via FTP or wget option. For this, login to your Webmin server via back-end access, then try to download the backups in a screen using ftp or wget option. If your backup is larger than a few megabytes, you can copy the file using a reliable transfer mechanism, like SCP. All Linux systems have scp built in, and so can easily be used to copy the file to your new Virtualmin server.

3) Once you downloaded the backup file from source server to destination server, now you can proceed with the restoration process. The restoration process on Webmin/Virtualmin some what different from the other migration like cPanel to cPanel and cPanel to Webuzo cross migrations.

NOTE regarding Migrate from cPanel: Before migrating emails from cPanel to Webmin , verify if both the servers has compatible email formats? The destination server email format should match with the cPanel mail format. You can verify it by checking any of the “Maildir” directory of the email account.


We can now discuss about the remaining migration process on Webmin/Virtualmin.

1) Login to your Virtualmin Dashboard.

2) Click on the option “Add servers” shown in the left side panel.

cPanel to Webmin/Virtualmin

3) Then click on the “Migrate Virtual Server” option.

Migrate Virtual Server

4) Select Source Backup File : If you upload the backup to the virtual server via any of the option we already specified like FTP or wget, then you can select the option “Local file or directory”. If you download the backup to the local PC then select “Upload to server” option.

Local file or directory

5) Select a ‘Backup File Type’ of cPanel.

6) Select Domain name to migrate and Fill in Username for domain by switching from “Work out from backup, if possible”. And it must be any valid username , but for ease of use, you may wish to use the same name used under cPanel.

7) Choose a Password for administrator.

8) The remaining options can be left to their defaults.

9) Finally, click on the button ‘Migrate Now’.

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