External Backup – Additionally Mounted Backup Disk Volume

External BackupExternal Backup – Additionally Mounted Backup Disk Volume

Backing up critical data is paramount for any business when down time means income lost. Whilst Raid configurations offer great protection against hardware failure, and locally configured backups give you piece of mind in recovering from those small mishaps, having an extra level of backup located externally from your main server is something that is a must when you require quick recovery from severe data corruption with your External Backup.

Externally mounted Backup Disk Space for Linux and Windows VMware Servers

FASTDOT offers a range of external backup plans that provide that extra level of security with a variety of storage capacities.

External Mounted Disk Volume BackupSAN-50SAN-100SAN-200SAN-500
Storage Capacity50 GB100 GB200 GB500 GB
Backup Typemanualmanualmanualmanual
Monthly Cost$100$200$350$650

* To order those externally mounted backup disks, please either order them during your initial dedicated server signup process or you can also request this as an add-on to your server, via the client area

* Minimum 3 month period

Please be aware that those backup volume drives will need to be manually configured by you or your system administrator .

If you rather prefer an automatic Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions then your Cloud Server can be protected with Veeam Backup & Disaster Recovery , which is an Award Winning Backup Replication and Disaster Recovery solution:

Veeam Backup & Disaster Recovery

Veeam Backup & Replication is built specifically for VMware vSphere to provide fast backup and recovery for ESX(i) virtual machines. Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery lets you recover an full bare-metal backup of a VM in a very short period of time, to minimize any service interuptions.

There are no agents to manage, no need to babysit backup jobs, and the backup system automatically verifies the recover ability of every backup, which is the perfect Rapid Bare Metal Restore and Disaster Recovery Solution.
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