IAAS Hosting

IAAS Hosting

IAAS Hosting

As FASTDOT is a Certified VMware Partner and Solution Provider, under our VMware Cloud environment, we now offer the ability to provide customers with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products on demand and dynamically scaled to meet the ever changing business needs of Australian businesses seeking professional enterprise grade hosting services in Australia.

Offering Infrastructure as a Service or IAAS Hosting, for Australian businesses allows our clients to purchase and provision our own ready to go resources such as processing power, storage, network connectivity, and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary software, which can include operating systems and applications required for their business.

The consumer does not manage or control the underlying Cloud infrastructure but has control over deploying operating systems, storage, deployed applications, and possibly select networking components (e.g., firewalls, load balancers) as they require.

This may offer you the flexibility to install provision & deploy a range of Virtual Machines to meet the hosting needs of your Mission Critical business websites, or to instantly provision an entirely virtualized server environment to meet your needs through the stages of testing, development & deployment of hosted applications and services running with enterprise grade performance & reliability.

With FASTDOT Cloud Hosting, you have the power to dynamically provision resources to run the services & applications that you our your business requires. Allowing you to avoid the high cost and extensive planning required for complicated dedicated server hosting environments & ensuring you receive the resources you need & pay for as an absolute minimum.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in IAAS Hosting
All of our Enterprise Cloud Virtual Machines can be protected by Veeam Backup & Disaster Recovery , which is an Award Winning Backup Replication and Disaster Recovery solution

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VMware Enterprise Cloud

  • FASTDOT’s Enterprise Cloud solution is aimed at delivering a dynamic virtualization hosting environment offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting, to allow businesses to scale their hosting requirements to ever-changing business needs & demand. FASTDOT Enterprise Cloud services will also provide multiple features unique to the VMware ESX platform and unavailable with a Dedicated Server, such as VMware HA (High Availability) .
  • Combined with the blazing speed and performance of SAN storage, our Enterprise Cloud Servers also offer fail-safe redundancy.
  • The High Availability features of our VMware Cloud ensures all virtual machines running on a failed server . A VM will automatically restart on another cluster node. This means zero downtime or impact to your hosted applications or software!
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