Join Us at WooCommerce; You’ll Love it Here

We’re passionate about democratizing commerce and empowering businesses to build the store they envision. And by focusing on that mission, we’ve grown from three founders to more than 150 team members working from 32 countries.

WooCommerce team members are curious, compassionate, self-motivated, and independent, and we love working collaboratively as part of Automattic. We’re always looking for more great people to join us!

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to work at WooCommerce, the benefits of our unique distributed environment, and how to find open positions you can apply for today.

How we work

Distributed work has been a focus for Matt Mullenweg, Automattic CEO and WordPress co-founder, from the very beginning. In his TED video on the future of work, he said, “…I don’t use the word ‘remote’ because it sets the expectation that there are some people that are essential and some that aren’t. I use the word ‘distributed’ to describe what we do, where everyone is on an equal playing field.”

Everyone works asynchronously, from their own time zone and location. Because of the geographic variance, we’re active 24/7. We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.

But distributed work doesn’t mean feeling disconnected. We use established communication tools to help employees work efficiently and connect with one another:

  • Internal WordPress blogs, called P2. This takes the place of email and acts as a central communication hub. Company employees can access long-form notes, documents, and priorities.
  • Slack. Each team, along with most large projects, has its own Slack channel for real-time chat, social connections, and urgent conversations. There are also “watercooler channels” — which emulate the type of conversations you might have with co-workers while walking through the halls — for everything from baking and gaming to gardening and fishing.
  • Zoom. Teams regularly have Zoom calls for planning, figuring out roadblocks, and other tasks that are best handled in real-time. 

For a closer look at a day in the life, check out this post from our Head of Product Engineering, Beau Lebens. 

The benefits of working with WooCommerce

The distributed, asynchronous working environment provides a lot of benefits, both for the company and our employees. It allows us to embrace more perspectives and engage the global community while providing incredible flexibility for team members. That flexibility ultimately leads to richer lives and greater creativity. 

Transparency is a critical part of working effectively; most people can access most information across the company. This provides context, eliminates the need for access requests and delays, and encourages independent work.

Team Lead Erica Kuschel adds that working at WooCommerce, “Gives me the flexibility to travel how I’d like across the world, doing Burning Man, doing all my art stuff. So it really helps me with that work/life balance.” 

Automattic also supports employees with benefits like:

  • An open vacation policy designed to help you be your best.
  • A paid, three-month sabbatical every five years.
  • Open parental leave (including maternity, paternity, LGBTQ+, and adoption for all parents). If you’ve been with Automattic for 12 months, your leave up to 6 months is fully paid.
  • A home office stipend for the right chair, desk, etc. to create the most comfortable work environment.
  • A co-working stipend that can be applied to a co-working space or cups of coffee so you don’t get kicked out of your favorite local shop.
  • Reimbursement for professional development tools like hardware, software, books, and conferences.
  • Virtual health and wellness tools like mindfulness apps, virtual ergonomic consultations, and more.

See the full list of benefits you’ll enjoy working for Automattic and WooCommerce.

Joining the WooCommerce Team

After you apply for a job and navigate through the interview stage, you’ll begin a trial project on contract, typically lasting two to three weeks depending on your availability. You’ll have an Automattician guiding you through this project to answer questions and help you determine whether working at WooCommerce is the right fit for you. Learn more about the hiring process and trial experience.

Ready to join the WooCommerce team? See a full list of available jobs.

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