Update to WHM’s Create Ticket Interface

If you’re not familiar with the Create Support Ticket interface, this tool lives inside WHM and allows a root user to create a support ticket with the cPanel Support staff. How is this more beneficial than logging in to Manage2 or using a form to submit a ticket? The Create Support Ticket tool streamlines and automates much of the process, including ensuring our support team will be able to access your server, decreasing the time it takes to get help.

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What’s New?

In cPanel & WHM Version 78, we expanded this interface to allow our Hosting and License Distributor Partners to define where that interface directs clients who have not purchased their license directly from cPanel. This change ensures our Partners get the chance to provide support to their customers, to address any issues that are unique to their hosting environments, and to continue building the relationship they have with their customers.

Partners should log in to their Manage2 portal to updated these settings. Once logged in, check the Public Tech Contact information in the Update Company Information interface.  As a note, if you are a Partner, your support URL will show up if you have a URL entered in your company profile, so please make sure and check that it’s up to date.

If you’re not a cPanel Partner and would like to become one, our Partners site will give you all of the information you will need to start that process.

What Hasn’t Changed?

cPanel is still committed to offering support to all cPanel & WHM users, regardless of whether you purchased your license directly from us, or through one of our Partners. If you’d like to talk more about submitting support tickets, becoming a partner, or anything cPanel in general, please join us on our Slack or Discord channels or subscribe to the official cPanel subreddit!

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