Outlook email configuration

This guide will assist you in your Outlook 2010 Email Configuration

1. Select File from the top menu, then select Info from the dropdown menu

2. Click on Account Settings

3. Select the Account Settings (Add or remove accounts) option from the subsequent dropdown menu

Outlook 2010 Email Configuration

4. In the Account Settings dialog, click New

Outlook 2010 Email Configuration

5. Select the Email Account radio button fill in your name, Email address and password.

6. Select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types radio button and click [Next]

Outlook 2010 Email Configuration

7. Select the Internet Email (POP/IMAP) radio button and click [Next]

8. Fill in the Internet Email Settings fields:


Your Name:

E-mail Address: me@mydomain.com.au

Account Type: POP3 or IMAP

Incoming mail server:mail.mydomain.com.au

Outgoing mail server: Your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) outgoing mail server (eg.


Logon User Name: Your FULL email address

Password: Your super-duper secure password


9. Click Test Account Settings … to verify all the settings are correct.

If the “Logon to incoming mail server” fails, verify you have the correct incoming mail server entered.

If the Test Mail fails, double check your outgoing mail server settings with your ISP.

10. Once the test completes, click [Next] and then [Finish] to save the email settings.


This completes the setup of your email in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

About Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Though primarily an email client, Outlook also includes such functions as calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing




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